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Monday, June 16, 2008

As I mentioned in the last post, one way to make money is to use some of the producer’s ideas for a reality show and develop them further. If your ideas are chosen, you receive a reward (usually $5,000).

Make sure to answer all the producer's questions and follow the format for submissions stated in the previous post. Email your .doc or .pdf files to

Here are the three projects currently available:

House of Babel (Reward-$5,000, Deadline-7/15/2008)

Imagine 14 people in pairs of 2. The pairs all come from different backgrounds. And here is the twist: they all speak different languages and have no clue what the other 12 people are talking about. And yet they have to complete tasks together in order to win.

But… in order to win what? And what kind of assignments would they have to do? Where do these people come from? And why would it make for compelling viewing?

Cheats (Reward-$5,000, Deadline-9/1/2008)

Why should it always be the smartest, the fastest or the luckiest candidate who wins at game shows? What would happen if people were allowed to lie through their teeth, to bluff their way through the game, to cheat ‘till they were caught?

How could this idea be turned into a game show or a quiz? What would be the rules – in any? And how about the host… is he to be trusted at all?

House of Chaos (Reward-$3,000, Deadline-8/15/2008)

It all started with 30 people living in a small 2-bedroom house. They need to get organized quickly to avoid utter chaos: where do they sleep? Who will cook? Who gets to shower in the morning? We can follow their every move 24 hours on the web.

We watch them on the TV screen. But who are they? Why are they there? What is the goal of the format? How does it end?

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Create Your Own Reality Show!

Think you have the next "Survivor"? Well, we're looking for new and creative reality show ideas! All ideas will be submitted to the site TalpaCreative.

There are four ways you can make money:

1. We send in your non-scripted format ideas (must be sent in the format below). If your idea is chosen and is produced, you get paid in excess of $50,000.

2. Use some of the producer’s ideas for a reality show and develop them further. If your ideas are chosen, you receive a small reward (usually $5,000).

3. Remain an active member. As long as we continue to receive your ideas and are able to submit them, this should not be a problem. $500 is rewarded each month to the most active and creative member.

4. Submit a real story that could inspire the development of a television show (must write a short summary and include the actual link to the story. $500 is awarded to the best story submission each month.

*We will take a percentage of any rewards received for submissions.

Non-scripted show ideas must include:

1. Your show title

2. Logline: Describe the key elements of your format in one or two sentences.

3. Format:

Who-describe the participants, the contestants, the audience, the talents, the host, the judges, guests.
What-relate the action: the game, the rules, the mechanisms, the evolution of your format.
Where-outline the locations and/or describe the studio
Why-what is the goal? The prize? The final episode/round?

*Make sure to address the following relevant points:

-Be specific by giving original and concrete examples: make us see your show.
-Spell out the potential for external or and internal conflict that the participants face.
-Include details of any memorable visuals that will appeal to audiences.
-Make sure your idea is more than just a casting idea. Building a format around an interesting combination of people is a great start, but it’s not a format yet.
-Remember to create an exciting ending!

4. Describe your personal TV experience (one or two sentences).

Please submit all ideas to Attach only .pdf or .doc files.

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Charles Hamilton & DJ Green Lantern Present "Outside Looking"

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The 20 year old pink-loving Sonic the Hedgehog alter-ego lyrical genius releases his first east coast compilation today.

Check it out @


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Brody Jenner Looking for the Perfect Man

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

New details about Brody Jenner's new MTV reality show "Bromance" have leaked.

The show will feature a group of "regular guys" who come to Hollywood to compete in a series of challenges, such as skydiving and dealing with the paparazzi, in the hopes of being chosen by Brody to become a part of his entourage.

Like other reality dating shows, "Bromance" will feature Hot Tub Elimination ceremonies and chances for the contestants to win "group dates" or "alone time" with Brody.

If I didn't know that Brody had a hot model girlfriend (see pics below), I would think that he was looking for something more than just a "friend" based on the premise of this show.

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Diddy Addresses Name Change Rumors

For some strange reason, Diddy felt it was necessary to make a video to address the rumor that he had recently changed his name back to Puff Daddy.

Nobody cares anymore, Diddy. You can call yourself whatever you want.

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Jessica Alba Finally Pops!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Jessica Alba finally popped!

Alba gave birth to a baby girl today at Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Beverly Hills. This is the first child for Jessica Alba and hubby Cash Warren.

The baby's name is still undisclosed, but congrats to the new parents!


The "beautiful" baby girl's name is Honor Marie Warren. Cute!

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Kung Fu Panda Kicks Box Office A*s

This weekend's Box Office was dominated by the Jack Black and Miss Angelina Jolie family flick "Kung Fu Panda". I saw it a few weeks ago with Jack Black and the cast and it was hilarious-definitely recommend it. The film raked in over $60 million this weekend-great for any opening weekend.

"You Don't Mess With the Zohan" came in second with just over $40 million, and "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" brought in another $23 million, placing it at number 3 and bringing its total to almost $254 million-yikes!!

Make sure to let us know what your favorite film out there right now is!


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Estelle "No Substitute Love" Music Video

I must admit I've been grooving (who says that?!) to this entire album repeatedly!

Kudos to Estelle for the ethnic representation in the video and see if you can catch the Amanda Diva cameo.

We see you, A.D!


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Amy Winehouse is a Racist

It looks like Amy Winehouse is not only a drug addict but a racist as well.

Click here to watch Amy Winehouse's racist video. The video was filmed in May 2007 in a crack den by her husband Blake Fielder-Civil.

There are also new pics of Winehouse surrounded by drug paraphernalia and swapping pills with her husband. View those here.


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Angela Simmons Enters the World of R&B?

Just when you thought we've endured enough horrible singing, along comes Angela. Apparently, she's coming out with a debut single soon. Who in the heck is responsible for this joke? Seriously, I think we're being punked. I assumed that after Ashanti we'd get a break but damn... guess not.

Now, the track hasnt been released yet but the sample video alone has caused a mini uprising of disgust. We're one of the first outlets to bring you this story.

Check out the evidence here.

Bonus: Angela & Boyfriend TK from MTV's Viva La Bam (pro skateboarder on Pharell Williams' Ice Cream Skate Team & rapper)


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